Institutes which train high-level footballers, who reserve 70% of the training time for schooling and who accompany them tomorrow, even if they leave the world of football.


Tour carried out each year in Nord-Pas de Calais. The young people are warmly received by host families from the CAID association (Hospitality Committee of the Diambars Institute)


Football – education internships in Senegal and France. These courses have the particularity to allow young people to play football but also to tackle different themes such as health, the environment, the discovery of other countries and other continents. These discoveries are made using new information and communication technologies and more particularly video and radio.

Sup Diambars Stadium


Diambars welcomes young people from high schools and colleges in Seine-Saint-Denis to the Stade de France halls. With the help of multimedia, journalism and heuristic professionals, the DIAMBARS teams provide participants with tools that will allow them to improve their interpersonal skills and know-how. This work is carried out based on the principles of DIAMBARS: Doing to learn and learning in pleasure.

Diambar satellites

Device aimed at reaching a broad target of young people, detecting talents and carrying out actions to promote education for all.

The satellites which will be set up in each region of the country will make it possible to welcome, after school or during the holidays, around 200 young people per day and by satellite.

Unlike the Institutes, young people from satellites will not be accommodated there.

Baobab tours

Tours carried out each year abroad. These are moments of meeting with other young people, other cultures and other footballs. It is an opening to others and to the world.


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